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The Truth About Advertising

The Ripoff

When we think about advertising on the internet we are trying to get our products or services out there for the world to see, but we never think about the consequences that fallows at the end of the month when the advertising bills started to pileup.

Lets get some examples going and explain how the small business will not and cannot compete with the big business , small guy buys 10 yoga pants from China $15 each $150 total then we overlook shipping so we add $60 for shipping because the sellers don’t give a crap about you so you have no other shipping option that can get them to you but express shipping, now we are up to $210 and each yoga pants is now $21 each and you become convince that you can sell for $29.95, oh yeah keep telling yourself that, the big guys buy the same things in bulk for $4 each directly from the manufacturer and ship their own container at the end of the day its only 50 cents paid for shipping, $4.50 total your selling price $29.95 their selling price $14.95 and to add more insult to your injuries $9.95. See what happens next.

We open up a account with the marketing Giant $39.95 monthly fees plus whatever 10 -15 % of your sales and hundreds of yoga pants like yours selling for less that means if you are lucky you will sell one in 6 months but you still have to pay $39.95 to stay on the big stage and here comes the kicker, $210 yoga pants and $240 advertising fee well 30 cents less $450 but then again who is counting right?

Now we comes to word advertising, you have 3 lines with 30 characters to work with and another 2 lines with 70 or so to come up with a compelling story to market your service or product so we want the world to see what we have so we spent $15 every day and your advertising runs in Countries that have no use for your product or service and your money is finished when you woke up and at the end of the month thousand visited your website Zero sales and a $450 advertising bill and a bitter taste in your mouth, Guess what? Bien There, Done That, Screw That. is design for people who bein shafted or get screwed over time and times again, you can start a blog here on and write about your product and service with a linkback to your page all for free, but if you want to be in our banner rotation we charge $15 each month for now and you can list your product and service on our other website for free as well

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