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Here is the deal i am a huge Star Trek fan and i watch over and over , well with the exception of the last one i only watch a few episode and i was not impressed with it , but the rest has their moments starting with the original starting with Mr. Spock and those incredible logic, Then we have Data on the Next Generation but honestly Captain Picard was the man, he has the greatest lines ever, they even have a website about Captain Picard famous quotes , trust me they are really , really good, Then we have DS9 with Captain Sisko with some of the most destructive villains of all time, Now we come down to Janeway With her Voyager Crew trying to get back home and facing the Borg along the way and countless others that we will not try to name at the moment , so let us begin with the poll.

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    Who is the most destructive villain? Before you give your answer let make a few notes, Khan is ever one favorite villain, but honestly Borg and The Dominion WOW those were destructive force without mercy.

    • The Dominion ( Jem’Hadar )
    • Borg
    • Khan Noonien Singh
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    Who is your favorite?

    • 7 of 9 Voyager
    • Data NG
    • Odo DS9
    • Spock Original
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    Favorite Borg ( please give the Queen some consideration because she is a badass ) When Locutos appear that was very impressive without question, Then we have 7 of 9 what can i actually say about her in those spandex, just leave it at that and see who we all chose.

    • 7 of 9
    • Borg Queen
    • Locutos

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