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Road Trip


I was impressed with the movie Fargo so i made it a mission to visit Fargo North Dakota, My trip started in Calgary, i travel to Saskatchewan and then to Manitoba and cross the border at North Dakota. I spent the night in Fargo and headed south into Minnesota, we kept on to Illinois and stop off in Chicago for a bit, we keep going on when we reach Indiana, to be honest we never know that we were in Indiana until i notice the license plate are different that’s when i know we were in Indiana, it was late when we reach Michigan so we decided to stop and find a motel , we went past Battle Creek and stop in Flint so we came across a 24/7 Restaurant that sell fast food, so we Canadian not knowing, ask what’s on the menu? The guy told us that we can get 6 chicken wings, Fries and a small fountain drinks for $5, Well great let us have 2 please, well this will take a few minutes so we wait and when i saw the guy coming over to us with 2 bags i taught well that’s for someone else as well, Hell no it was for us , when i look inside the bag it was like about 2lbs of fries and the 6 chicken wings was like they were from a 32lbs Turkey and the small drinks was like 32oz i said WOW, one bag would be a servings for 3 people, As a traveler and you go to America and decided to stop at a fast food restaurant try and find out the amount of food coming your way. After we rested for a wile we travel to the Windsor Border to get back into Canada, That was a great road trip and i would do it again and to be honest the Americans are not as bad as people portray them to be they are great people, we have bad cells of people everywhere and our mindset¬† is to magnified the evil that we do and if a million people do right and just one do wrong we all used the one to outweigh the million and start blaming each other especially politicians and calling them idiots and more other names, then again some times they do and say stupid things just to strengthen people accusation of them, So if you decided to visit some nice scenery come to Canada and if you want a road try our friends south of the border and stay out of danger.

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