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How To Clean Chicken Properly

How To Prepare Chicken Before Cooking

Quick and easy way to cleanup your chicken before you cook.

We all eat at a restaurant and we usually know what we are eating but we have no idea how its prepared, most of the time if you know we will never eat so it is best just make your own food to avoid the unknown.

Chicken is one of the most disgusting preparation ever, i don’t even think they wash that stuff, First you cut the chicken legs and thigh and clean off the fat and skin and look for those battered joints that always has those blood vessels cut those off, in the thigh cut down the bones and find that vain and pull it out those are the challenging parts, the rest is easy to deal with just skin and cut to size.

This chicken is prepared with seasoning and ready to be cooked, I just added some all purpose seasoning, seasoning salt, chicken seasoning, black pepper for now , but you can add tomatoes, onions, green peppers and what you would like depending on what flavor you seek, i just want a Caribbean flavor, you can deep fried just dip into flour or just bake, the key is to marinate let your chosen flavor sink in, spend more time on your cooking in the long run you will eat better food.

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