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Before i get started on my quotes let me just rant for a bit first, In life we came across some people who say ho i don’t want much i will be satisfied with what i get, what do you say to people like those? Me personally to hell with not much i want it all, be greedy, take it all, Then i just remember something that people says a whole lot, oh money cannot buy happiness then all i can think of who is that idiot who comes up with that? I am pretty sure a whole lot of people in some undeveloped country’s around the world would agree with me , so let us put that theory to the test as see what happens, just for a moment we bring a very large bag of USD bills in $100 and start handing them out and see the happiness it provides and problem solving too.

  • I am not accountable for your actions , but i am accountable for my reactions.(Vincent H Cole 04/17/2021)
  • He that lost confidence in himself lost 100% of life. Jamaican Reggae Music Dance Hall Quote.
  • While there is life there is hope. Jamaican Quote.
  • When problems arise don’t turn to drinking and drugs, when you are sober the problem is still there, Actually it get dark before it get even darker, Usually get brighter at day break.
  • Never despise a person because of their success, despised them because of their failure. Then again too much failures are not failure anymore start to become a tradition, change your approach.
  • We always feel good when someone lie to us and feel bad when someone tell us the truth.
  • What someone thinks of you do not matter much , but what you think of yourself matters most.
  • It’s not the person who shit in the bushes remember it, It’s the one who step in it.
  • First Impression doesn’t matter just make a impact that’s what matters most. (Vincent H Cole 01/02/2020)

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