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China’s Biggest Covid-19 Lockdown In 2 Years?

China’s Biggest COVID-19 Lockdown In 2 Years Prompts New Supply Chain Concerns

In a city of 26 Million people 3500 has so called Covid and you are locking down a City for that? You talk about over reach, thing like this should never ever make news because of the fact that nothing beats a good old American made, Take this from me never ever let someone else mercy keep you alive, I worked for a company for 14 years and when pandemic stared so much rules and restrictions every day and you are at your employers mercy, got sick and tired of it i just don’t go back because of the fact that i do not encourage slackness, if you are not comfortable in a situation don’t do it just don’t, I don’t have any other choice i have to do it, yeah right keep telling yourself that.

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