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Chicken Curry

Here’s what goes in this Everyday Chicken Curry.

  • Curry powder – the only spice you need! Any brand is fine here.
  • Garlic, ginger and onion – fresh aromatics add a flavor boost that makes all the difference with quick curries! It’s the same when making quick Thai Green Curry or Red Curry using store bought paste.
  • Chicken broth/stock AND coconut milk – for creaminess and flavor. We’re just using 1 cup of coconut milk here – this isn’t intended to be an overly rich, heavy coconut sauce.
  • Chicken – thighs are best because this curry needs to be simmered for 12 minutes for the flavors to develop. But yes, it can be made with breast – but the steps need tweaking otherwise you’ll complain that the chicken is dry!!
  • This is on the internet , trust me there is so much wrong with this first thing first Curry and Coconut Milk together will give you the runs so if your stomach is weak be prepared to stock up on some Charmin ultra strong triple ply because your gut will be running for about a week.    .
  • This is another of my WTF moments.
  • My Goodness that looks like a total disaster.

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