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CFL The Most Exciting Game

CFL Football

First Thing First before you read i must point out a few things that we all can agree on, CFL players play for the love of the game and pride and there are no team in CFL that you considered a push over, never watch the record you come to play you better play and any uniform you suit up in, Pride Goes With It and as a fan me Personally i have the right to chair for my Team but not boo the other Team because my Team getting their ass kicked because they are not prepared, i do understand that they are all professionals out there, i do understand sportsmanship but others usually do not so i give them the right to boo my beloved Argonauts as they see fit.

I first started to watch CFL from 1987 or 1988 around that time, Oh my that was the most exciting games i ever saw even though i am a baseball lover too but that is a different story without much excitement so let us stick to the big story, before anyone get too excited let me just put this out there and be bios, The Greats Chant in CFL is Arrrgos without question.

When i start watching i was living in Oshawa at the time and every Friday night i watch the 7pm early game on TSN and then the west at 10 and if memory serve me right they used to have a 3 pm game on Saturday and or Sunday games before NFL season begin but to be honest i can’t remember the schedule so hopefully some one can help me out with that because i just cannot remember , but for certain CBC did get some games on those odd days and they carry the Gray Cup games back in those days, Chris Cuthbert and then later on i could remember Chris Walby¬† joined him in the broadcast.

CFL fans knows this year you could be 2 and 16 next year you could be 9 and 9 and you end up in the Gray Cup game 15 and 3 and you stay home you can ask Calgary Stampeders they encourage that a lot over the years Reggie Slack and Saskatchewan Roughriders did that one year and i can’t remember what Calgary record was that year when BC Lion walk into Calgary and disappoint them yet again oh yes Cory Philpot was dancing on the logo, back in those days disappointment become a tradition for them, to be frank Calgary fans do not like me much at least i have to touch on that because i live with them for 10 years and everyone can remember 100 Gray Cup, I was actually working that night and for the whole week i was boo and laugh at and how Stamps going to dissect Boatman, I know of a fact Toronto was on paper and on the field a better team but the whole Provence of Alberta become convince that they are going to win with the exception of me, all i have to do is just wait until the game start after the first touchdown reality started to sink in at the end of the game i can just imagine the dagger going to there poor little heart, where i was working at the time that place was about 1.1 million Square Feet and the whole place goes silent when i say Arrrrgos you could hear a pin drop and i could here someone smart ass comment from the other side of the building.

To be continued upcoming story Calgary Stampeders games with BC Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders and more fun stuff.

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