This is Us

Who we are and what we do , who we are do not matter but what we do does matter. We don’t have pictures floating around without substance we tell a story of life events , sports, travel or whatever you do that bring you joy that you want to share or we provide a topic and give you the audience the opportunity to comment and not only that you can write your own blogs with media that includes pictures and videos in many different languages so now you have an idea we begin and say to you all.
Welcome to, The source for You to have a open mind on things. We’re dedicated to give you a platform where you can speak your mind and give other users the opportunity to comment on your post, we tried our very best to avoid racist, religion, 

Trolling BOT

Trolling is defined as creating discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. Basically, a social media troll is someone who purposely says something controversial in order to get a rise out of other users.

Social media bots are automated social media accounts. Some are benevolent, but most are used for malicious and manipulative purposes.
That being said everything else is just fair game, We are very outspoken in ways that make sense , but you may or may not agree so here is your platform to disagree with us, and in closing we ask this question why join a long line for 30 minutes at the gas station just to save 5 cents on a gallon of gas when the gas station across the street is empty? for a lousy nickel you wasted 30 minutes our of your life for that, was it worth it or its just the principle of it? 

The rest
What an About Us page is really for
1.Communicate the story of your business and why you started it.
2.Describe the customers or the cause that your business serves.
3.Explain your business model or how your products are made.
4.Put a face to your business, featuring the founders or the people on your team.
We are not your typical jacket and tie bunch with that fake plastic smile to impress anyone, we are just your average people.
Thanks you for reading about us.